Marketing Analytics

With marketing and analytics, our staffing and recruiting division will help you find candidates that are a strong cultural fit. This will not only increase the chance of filling in positions with the candidates that are perfect for the company but also boost your businesses productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, by combining natural language processing technology with the trends across the different platforms our marketing analytics can help you identify strong candidates even before they become the job seekers. Marketing analytics of our staffing and recruiting division will also help you identify the tangible and non-tangible successful traits of the existing employees, thereby helping you make a well-informed decision

Sourcing Strategy

Our top staffing services company makes use of data driven approach to source the right candidate for you. We implement social listening, employee referral programs and other such proficient tools and technologies to speed up the hiring process without compromising on the quality of the candidate. By carefully understanding your job requirements, our top recruitment service company will make create a sourcing pipeline so that most of your work is done and you are ready to engage with the candidates. We also think about the future and will thus make sure to build and maintain a strong sourcing pipeline of talented candidates. We will keep a track of the sourcing and recruiting metrics to maximize hiring business.

Screening and Selection

Our permanent staffing agency services will automate the entire screening and selection process for you so that you don’t have to burden yourself with the paperwork. By implementing an applicant tracking system in place, we will help you weed out ineligible applicants, so that you only have to engage with the ones that have the highest possibility of becoming your next best employee. Trust us to do the best pre-employment screening test which will guarantee that you only hire the right candidate for the right job. Right from the job history verification to the criminal background check recruitment agencies near me will provide you with the comprehensive package to conduct top notch screening at the minutest level.

Who We Are

Across Border Technologies Inc is a one-stop shop for all your staffing services needs. We maintain an active, large & diverse pool of trustworthy data of resources. With a highly experienced and qualified team, we have insight into our client’s needs. We are a client-centric organization and we look forward to partnering with you to help in your needs.

Across Border Technologies Inc is about “Relationship” and “Change” , with and for our Clients & Team. We are one of the nation’s fastest growing services companies, with offices in the US, UK as well as in India. Across Border Technologies Inc was founded by Professionals who have been in the industry over the last three decades, which helps us understand not only technology, but also the challenges that our clients face in today’s IT environment. We are patient enough to listen, and passionate enough to deliver. We have been able to build business in IT and Non-IT industry, both in Commercial and State Sectors. ReadMore...

Our Services

IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services

Looking to hire IT professionals by temporary employment agencies near me? We, at Across Border Technologies Inc, are renowned for helping businesses of all sizes and scale find the right IT professional. We will dig deep into your job requirement and assist you in finding the candidates that align with your business objectives and goals. We understand how fierce the competition is and how difficult it is to hire the right IT professional service provider, but with us by your side you can rest assured that you will only get the best-in-class service. ReadMore...

IT Professional Services

Direct Hire Services

Are you looking to fill some permanent positions in your organization without the need for a third party? Across Border Technologies Inc is one of the leading recruitment agencies for direct hire. We will assist you with the hiring and recruitment process, but the employee will be on the company’s payroll once the candidate gets selected.We know and understand how important it is to best employees, considering how every industry is getting fiercely competitive with technology advancement. The recruitment demands have evolved. This is where we come to your rescue. ReadMore...

IT Professional Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Looking for temporary or permanent staffing agency services to outsource your recruitment service. Trust us at Across Border Technologies Inc to help you find your next best candidate. We offer comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing services. We will provide you with a business model that will help you strengthen your organization with maximized efficiency and productivity. You will have the choice of either outsourcing certain parts of your organization or let us take care of the major ones. Don’t worry, ultimately it will be you who will make the final calls. We are here to help you lower cost, boost quality, efficiency, service, and scalability. ReadMore...

IT Professional Services

Payroll Solutions

We understand that handling payroll function is no cakewalk. This is why you should outsource your payroll to a credible company like Across Border Technologies Inc. We come backed with extensive experience of helping businesses, small, medium and large efficiently manage their payroll system. Not only will we unburden you from time consuming and repetitive task, our team of professional experts will ensure cost reduction and enhanced security. All your activities from payroll calculation, signing and distribution of checks, payroll software purchase price, calculation of taxes and returns, garnishments, W2s, reporting of new hires and terminations and training & support will be well taken care of you. ReadMore...

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